5 Reasons to Get White Wicker Living Room Furniture

5 Reasons to Get White Wicker Living Room Furniture

White wicker furniture has been very popular over the past few years as an upscale version of outdoor furniture. instead of the usually unattractive look of aluminum or plastic furniture, pieces made from wicker are able to withstand the elements while still looking fantastic.

Today, we are seeing more and more homeowners realizing that wicker can look extraordinary inside homes as well. And because they do not need to withstand big temperature fluctuations and rain, indoor wicker furniture is mostly made from natural materials like bamboo and reed. Despite being very lightweight and easy to move around, these pieces are still very attractive and environmentally-friendly.

Here are some reasons to include white wicker living room furniture in your home.

  1. Comfortable seating

One of the top advantages of having wicker furniture in your living space is that it is a comfortable seating choice. It might be durable and is able to hold heavy weights, but it is flexible and inviting to guests at the same time. To make a wicker chair or couch more comfortable, add a padded seat cushion like the Ciera All Weather Wicker Deep Seating 2 – Seater Sofa Frame with Solid Teak Legs by Three Birds Casual.

  1. Versatile design style

Wicker furniture looks great in a colonial-style because it echoes the colonial d├ęcor of the British in places like Hong Kong and India during the 19th century. It can have a contemporary look as well when it is sealed and glossy like the Cabo Wicker Patio Table by Zuo Modern. Wicker is also able to create a casual beach look, making it perfect if you have a pool, have a view of the lake, or live near the coast.

  1. Affordable material

You might not be aware of it but wicker is actually a very affordable material. This means that it can fit into any budget, as homeowners just have to decide how much they spend on their living room furniture. For a more environmentally-friendly material, like wicker made from reeds, be prepared to pay more. However, synthetic wicker like the Circle Chair by Lebello looks almost identical at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Lightweight and easy to move

If you live on your own, wicker furniture would be a great choice. Because it is so light, you can easily just move or pick it up to clean the floors underneath it. This should also make rearranging your space a breeze.

  1. Minimal cleaning and maintenance

With wicker furniture, maintenance is very minimal. You do not need to buy expensive cleaning products. About 20 minutes every few weeks is all that you need to spare to ensure that your wicker looks good as new for a long time.

With so many reasons to include wicker furniture in your living room, it should not come as a surprise to learn that its popularity is rapidly growing around the world.

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