5 Ways to Decorate with Brown Leather Living Room Furniture Sets

5 Ways to Decorate with Brown Leather Living Room Furniture Sets

We all know just how practical brown living room furniture sets are in any living room. This is exactly why so many retailers sell them and so many homeowners buy them. Brown is the most forgiving when it comes to stains and dirt. So for those homes with active families, a brown sofa would be a smart choice. One complaint of such furniture, though, is that some people see this as a boring color. But this does not always have to be the case. Here are ways to style a brown sofa so it remains modern and fresh.

Lighten up. A dark brown sofa is unable to dominate a space when it is surrounded by lighter pieces. Paint your walls a pale neutral and opt for artwork, accessories, and accent furniture in colorful or lighter hues to add balance to the darkness of your sofa. The elegant Anne Occasional Chair by Uttermost would make for a great accent piece.

Use warm tones. Brown is a warmer neutral that goes well with wood and other warm tones, like the colors associated with fall. Opt for accent hues in autumn colors like burnt sienna, mustard yellow, or deep red to naturally pair with your brown leather chair.

Cool it. The color brown also works well with cooler greens and blues. Use colorful pillows, window panels, accent chairs or ottomans in cooler tones like the Detour 15″ Fabric Cube Green Mesh by Ave-Six to add color and calm to a space anchored by a brown sofa.

Console yourself. Pull your brown sofa to the center of the room, put a console table like the Marion Rectangular Console Table by Allan Copley Designs along the back, and then fill it with books and other items to take the eye away from the sofa and toward the decorative display.

Embrace it. Add accent furniture that pick up the color of your current sofa, covering your sofa with decorative pillows to lighten up the visual weight if darker furniture. Also work with your current piece by painting your walls a similar hue. Utilize the power of contrast to create impact between dark and light with crisp white trims and ceilings.

Brown sofas and chairs are vey cozy. They can also be stylish when paired with pops of fresh color or when contrasted with white. What other ways do you style your brown sofa or dark leather furniture?

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