8 Free Ways to Instantly Make Your Living Room Furniture Look a Little Bit Better

8 Free Ways to Instantly Make Your Living Room Furniture Look a Little Bit Better


When it comes to furniture care – we always tend to over-think things and miss the tiny little details that actually make a difference. Little things that can help us save an ample light of time, yet achieving the desired changes.

These tips will definitely help if you’re also on a tight budget and looking for alternatives for your living room furniture.

1. Regular cleaning of the blinds, baseboards, and windows
All these small spots actually accumulate most of the dust and dirt day after day, but ironically, they’re not the most common cleaning spots that we prioritize. Making sure they are in tip top clean shape more often than usual can really make a difference. Try it, and get to enjoy a fresh and clean feeling.

2. Use vacuum on the seats and cushions
Sofas are a dust magnet, but the good news is – a regular habit of vacuuming your sofas can give it a more comfortable feeling. Do this and you’ll be surprised at how they look new for a longer time.

3. Give your lighting an adjustment
Sometimes, making changes in your home’s lighting can make the whole lot of difference. It can be as simple as opening your curtains a bit wider, choosing a lighter shade of curtain, adding or removing some of the light sources (bulbs, lamps, etc.), or even changing the colors of your lighting can bring that desired look and feel for your home.

4. Create drama and personality
For any size and shape of your space, the opportunity to bring and express a little personality in a small spot is very important. A few rearrangements can bring a certain type of personality to every spot. Try to mix and match several furniture pieces – or try to arrange them by theme.

5. Give your area a new look
Change positions, or switch some of the spots and try to see how it looks. If you’re pretty creative yourself, you can even use some of the extra paint you have and create something new for your walls. Bottom-line is, a new look is worth a try. You’ll never know unless you try.

6. Rearrangement
Sometimes you can achieve the space you wanted to have with a little rearranging. This goes also true if you want to achieve a certain look and feel to your desired place at home.

7. Add Life
This can be achieved by adding a little touch of life to your rooms. You don’t really need to spend much. A simple plucking of an attractive looking plant at home along with a little vase can do the job in no time. And actually, adding accent with the use of tree branches and a little creativity can do the job.

8. Create More Space
Without breaking walls or making expansions, you can still make more space in your room with a little tweaking (using the tips above). Proper arrangement of furniture can help you achieve that extra space, or make it seem larger – providing you great comfort as well.

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