Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Helpful Tips for Storage

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Helpful Tips for Storage

Do you have this tendency to put things anywhere there is room? Do you still continue to buy until you fill up any space that you have? If your home is already overflowing with things, you might want to use organizing strategies so you can find the right place for everything. Here are some contemporary living room ideas for finding storage space in your living space.

Look Up

There is probably nothing higher than 5 feet in your living space, but there should still be lots of space above. Install shelves 12 inches to 18 inches below the ceiling to display your photos, hats, plants and other collectibles. You can purchase ready-made shelves and mounting brackets like the Sereni-T Wall Shelves (2) by Nexera. Also mount a shelf above your windows in the living room to display things that you do not use but love to look at. If you live in earthquake-prone areas, use a sticky wax product to hold your pieces in place.

Wall Space

Find standard open wall shelves of any size for an inexpensive storage solution for books and decorative objects. A structured wall unit or entertainment center like the Emma Entertainment Center by Casabianca can house electronic equipment and books and gives a space for other decorative displays. If you intend to stay in your home for some time, invest in a custom made cabinet or shelf. All of these should give you enough storage space without protruding too much in the living area.

Behind Closed Doors

It is ideal to not have to look at things in storage unless they are decorative. Increase available storage space by enclosing cupboards and shelves behind doors. Rather than using an open one, opt for a bookcase with doors. A 12-inch deep shelving unit offers great storage without eating up too much floor space. Select a table for the end of a sofa or beside a bed that has a closed base with shelves or drawers rather than spindly open legs like the Merge 20″ Square End Table in Espresso Finish by Ave-Six. Look for a knee-hole desk with drawers for office items and files instead of an open writing desk.

If you are really determine to get organized with the things that you have, look around your home to find some unique storage solutions.

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