Create a British Colonial Style with Wicker Living Room Furniture

Create a British Colonial Style with Wicker Living Room Furniture

Have wicker living room furniture? Why not create something out of it and give your home a British Colonial look? In a nutshell, this style is a result of English citizens traveling the world during the heyday of the empire, bringing with them conventionally heavy woolen furnishings that adopt to hot local climates with lighter local fare.

Here are some ideas for bringing the style to your own domestic empire.

  • Lighten up. The first things that the British did when adjusting to the humid and hot climates was to lighten up their dark colors. In the Caribbean, tans, whites, and light blues and greens replaced heavy and dark hues. The timeless Portside Classic Rocker Dark Roast by Tortuga Outdoor should make for a great addition to your living space.

  • Mix in exotic global pieces. The travelling Brits loved to return tagging along with them exotic pieces like bone inlay tables from India. Palm trees and rattan furniture should complete the look, like the way that the Ciera All Weather Wicker 24″ Square Side Table with Solid Teak Legs by Three Birds Casual will in your receiving area.

  • Combine fabric prints and types. Light linens and cotton replaced wool. White and off-white upholstery and slipcovers replaced busy prints and heavy fabrics. Luxe prints like silks and velvets are used on accent pieces like throw pillows.

  • Start with traditional English and layer in British items. Start with traditional English base of heavy Chippendale chairs, and then bring in the island influence with pineapple accents, bamboo blinds, light walls and Far Eastern accents.

  • Join the campaign. Campaign furniture is made of pieces that can easily be transported. They can be broken down or folded up and be easily moved to a new place anywhere in your home, or in another home.

  • Use natural fiber rugs. Jute and sea grass stand up to moisture. They are also great pieces that replace wool in the tropics. Exotic flora and fauna like potted plants, birdcages and botanical prints also lend a British Colonial style to a room.

  • Add plantation furniture. In the British West Indies, local craftspeople pared down the kind of furnishings that the British were used to, utilizing local woods like mahogany, ebony and teak which are able to stand up to elements without any warping. Local techniques like caning were also added. Finally, some island flair should do a space good, like in the form of palm or pineapple.

  • Use luggage as furniture. Steamer trunks and vintage suitcases add to the look of a brazen colonial traveler. The Green Wicker Trunk by Vifah Modern Patio used as a coffee table gives this effect, while giving you additional storage.

Create the ultimate blending of global styles with British Colonial right at home now.

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