Creative Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Creative Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

If you only have limited space in your living room, chances are that you are trying to figure out how to best arrange your sofa, loveseat, coffee table, end table, entertainment console, bookshelf and other essential pieces in order  to make the most of the available space. You might not be aware of it but there are a number of small living room furniture arrangement ideas to help you arrange your pieces in your small space.

Furniture Arrangement #1: Do Not Put Everything Along Walls

The first temptation to keep the space roomy enough would most likely be positioning all the furniture up against the wall, leaving space in the middle of the room open. However, if the furniture is poorly arranged, this method can make the space look sloppy and cluttered, which is the last thing that you would want people to think. By considering furniture arrangement that puts furniture pieces in the middle of the room, you will have more options in positioning your furniture in a more inviting and welcoming way.

Furniture Arrangement #2: Use a Sofa to Break Spaces

A way to put the above arrangement into practice is with your couch. If your living space is connected to another room, use a carefully placed sofa to break the rooms apart, making the feel like more separate areas while regulating traffic flow better. Pick a simple-looking sofa like the Oz Deluxe Sofa by Innovation Living and treat it like a movable wall, using it along an open edge to create a doorway to your living room. This allows for a better-rounded living room when people are sitting and talking because there are items on all its four sides.

Furniture Arrangement #3: Use a Corner Unit for Television

Living room corners can be very tricky because they appear to be useless spaces between furniture that cannot be used for anything other than coffee tables. If you buy a corner unit for your television like the 61″ Contemporary TV Media Corner Console with Curved Electric Fire Place by Furnitech, you can save valuable straight wall space that the TV would typically occupy. Arrange couches and chairs to form conversation areas rather than creating an area exclusive for TV viewing to create a more logical and balanced feel to your living room.

Furniture Arrangement #4: Use Wall Shelves Instead of Bookshelves

Another thing that can eat up considerable in a small living space is bookshelves that contain books, CDs, movies and more. One creative way to free up such space is to install shelves on the upper area of your walls. The ALLURE Decorative Wall Panel – 4 shelves by Nexera, for instance, allows you to basically put your bookshelves on top of other furniture.

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