Decorating Your Space with Traditional Living Room Furniture

Decorating Your Space with Traditional Living Room Furniture

It would make sense that traditional living room furniture would work best in classic rooms. Comfortable upholstery, sturdy materials and simple palettes in timeless silhouettes should  help you express your traditional style for now and for many years to come. And while there are some rules involved in picking decor, what ultimately matters is what works for you and your home. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers in creating a simple yet gorgeous traditional living space.

  • When decorating around a view, make sure that you do not use furniture that will create a visual block. A bench or low daybed like the Curves Modern Furniture Bench by Ave-Six would be a wonderful choice for seating that maintains a peek of the outdoors.

  • A console table positioned behind the sofa has become a staple for open-plan living. Console tables have to be slightly lower than the back of your sofa in order to maintain a clean line of sight. These tables would be perfect for adding lighting as well. A pair of lamps behind the sofa can beautifully illuminate a space.

  • Mirrors are a simple trick to make your living room appear brighter lighter and bigger with that hint of glitz. They are also great for acknowledging the symmetry of a room.

  • For bigger living rooms where a simple floor plan is too open, consider creating two separate seating areas. You can distinguish the spaces by incorporating different but complementary patterns or using two different rugs. A bench or ottoman like the Laredo Collection, Bonded Leather, Tufted Square Cocktail Ottoman by Diamond Sofa can help merge the two spaces since it allows guests to sit on either side and adds continuity.

  • A pair of sofas makes for a cozy and comfortable living room. Ensure that your coffee table is 14 to 18 inches away from each sofa. This gives ample room for a passageway, but not so much that your feet will not be able to reach.

  • Club chairs are a staple in living rooms. They are mostly paired with sofas, although this is not necessarily a requirement. Pairs of chairs will work well in areas mainly used for communication. To maintain a functional space, ensure that there is an open walkway to allow comfortable travelling between rooms.

  • End tables are a must for drinks, snacks, books and remotes. When choosing the perfect end table, pick the one with a surface where scratches and rings can be easily polished or wiped away like the Halifax Oval Glass Top End Table by Allan Copley Designs. End tables has to be slightly lower than or the same height as the arm of the sofa or chair beside them.

Are you now ready to furnish and decorate your traditional living room?

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