Diverse Design Ideas for Traditional Living Room Furniture Sets

Diverse Design Ideas for Traditional Living Room Furniture Sets

Some people believe that decorating with traditional living room is a very formal decorating style that requires a spacious area. However, these days, there are so many design ideas to choose from that it makes it possible for you to incorporate traditional living room furniture sets into small and large living spaces. Here are some ideas to make it easy for you to design a room that best suits your lifestyle.

Formal/Old World Design

To create a space that characterizes this design, select accent pieces like tables in a dark finish. Take for instance the Barbados Modern Cappucino Coffee Table by Lifestyle Solutions. The dark finish stands out against the neutral colored chairs, sofas and accessories that you incorporate in the room. Consider bringing in some glitz and glamour with glass and metal accent pieces and accessories.

Classic Traditional

This is a great room design for anyone who likes balance in their life. Symmetry is a key element in this design style, with sofa and chairs upholstered in a neutral color fabric like the 3 Piece Microfiber Upholstery Sectional with Throw Pillows by EHO Studios. Curved arms and a skirt across the bottom of the sofa is the ideal style. In this design, accent pieces and accessories should be brought into the room in pairs.

Asian Influence

If you are drawn to traditional furniture design, but wants a less formal atmosphere in your space, consider adding some elements of Asian design in your living room. Room screens can have a positive influence on your traditional décor. Asian-inspired rugs and art will make your traditional pieces a little less formal without losing the elegance and beauty that you desire in the décor.

Casual Traditional

The term “casual traditional” might seem contradictory; but the key in achieving this lovely combination of casual and traditional is starting out with traditional-style sofa and chairs like the Vittorio Top Grain Leather Sectional (Left Arm Facing Loveseat and Right Arm Facing Loveseat) in Mahogany by Elements Fine Home. From here, start adding casual-style tables. To create a more casual look, put colorful accent pillows on the sofa. Add rugs and window treatments to achieve the casual atmosphere that you are looking for.

If you love the look of traditional furniture, it is good to know that there are indeed so many ways to fit it into your lifestyle. Also, these pieces are not just for big living rooms. There are so many tricks to incorporating tradition items into a small room.

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