Furniture Choices for Small Living Room Design

Furniture Choices for Small Living Room Design

Generally, the problem with a small living room is that it is cramped and overcrowded. It is a tight space that mostly ends up being dominated by TV stands, shoulder to shoulder seating arrangements and excessive clutter.

But you can very well  distance yourself from such a pinched and uncomfortable setting, but you will have to let go of single function furnishings that decorations that only box you in. In fact, you might even consider changing your whole living room setup. However, using all your energy and time to rearrange furniture will only amount to a good workout unless you have the right small living room design and the right tricks. Here are some tips to help you pick out the right furniture pieces.

Leggy Pieces

For such a designing project, your go-to pieces should have legs. Opt for a small sectional couch wing, back chairs, benches and coffee tables that come with raised legs. This is a clever way of fooling the eye, giving it more floor space that you can see and making the room appear bigger. Whenever possible, avoid getting furniture with skirts and let your eyes brush under each piece to give an unobstructed view of the floor. The Unfurl Sofa by Innovation Living is one perfect example.

Transparent Pieces

The same exact principle as above also applies to glass and see-through end or coffee tables. Take for instance the Glacier Designer Glass Coffee Table Top with Satin Steel Legs by Adesso which permits the eye to freely move through your possessions, and give more glimpse of the floor.

Multifunctional Pieces

When you decorate in such a limited space, it helps to employ dual-purpose furniture pieces. This will take away the need to add individual and single-function pieces which will only take up more floor space. A console or coffee table that come with a single lower shelf or tiered shelves like the Malden Brown Round Cocktail Table by Jofran makes displaying and storing magazines and books very easy.

Another option is to get furniture that comes with drawers and doors. They make for neat hiding places. Ottomans with hidden storage are also great, as they can double up as extra seating or side tables.

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