How to Make Living Room Sets Look and Feel Cozier and Homier

How to Make Living Room Sets Look and Feel Cozier and Homier

Decorating is a process made up of two things. The first is the choosing of living room sets and entertainment centers, and the second is the actual filling of your room with the things that you just picked out. And, as we all know, it is the little things that transform a room from a functional space to a comfortable and cozy retreat. Try out the following tried-and-true tricks to make your home cozier, no matter what your budget or decorating style is.

Warm or Crisp Colors

Say goodbye to your bland walls. Nothing makes a room cozier than a simple coat of paint. Whether you go with a rich gold or terracotta, a soothing mocha brown or a rustic red; deep golden colors will add warmth to any room. If warm colors are not up your alley, you can use cool and crisp colors like lavender, light green, pale blue, grey, and white. They can be equally inviting and cozy, especially if you furnish the room with a bold and contrasting pop of darker hue like the 2 Piece Italian Leather Upholstery Sectional by EHO Studios.

Intimate Setting

Arrange your couches and chairs in small groups to foster conversation. Anchor every seating nook around key architectural features in your room, like a bookshelf or fireplace. Having smaller seating areas add a feeling of coziness and intimacy to even the biggest rooms. The setup of the Titan Resin Wicker Set – 6 Pieces by Infinita is one perfect example.  Though for mainly outdoor use, we are seeing resin wicker used in indoor breezeways, porches and even in your skylit living room!

Area Rugs

The look of hardwood is indeed great, but it does not feel cozy on your feet, especially during cold days. So if you have hardwood floors, consider softening your room while adding a touch of color with a well-chosen rug. It will be an inviting and cozy spot for everyone to gather. Plus, it serves as a visual anchor to the main seating area of the room.

Throw Pillows

The terms “pillow” and “cozy” are practically synonymous. Throw pillows in bold patterns and colors can soften the look of most formal leather furniture, and subdue the stiffness of the look of austere antique chairs. Consider mixing and matching pillow styles, colors and sizes to create a fun look and feel.


Hide your stained cushions or outdate furniture patterns with a simple and inexpensive slipcover. Loose-fitting covers add a casual and lived-in look that invites guests to sit down and relax. It can also come in handy when stains make their way on your couch. Simply remove and toss the slipcover in the washer.

Ottomans, Storage Cubes and Trunks

Instead of the traditional and usually formal hardwood coffee table, consider a less stiff alternative. Oversized and cushioned ottomans, upholstered storage cube groupings, or vintage trunks can very well do the job of a coffee table and should be much more inviting for propping up your feet. Check out just how inviting the ottoman of the Valentino 2PC RF Chaise Pillowtop Sectional & Ottoman with Metal Leg by Diamond Sofa is.

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