How to Turn Pallets into Unique Living Room Furniture Pieces

How to Turn Pallets into Unique Living Room Furniture Pieces

Do you have pallets or pieces of them lying in your garage? If you have no use of them, don’t throw them away just yet. There are so many ways that you can use them and turn them into original, useful and unique living room furniture pieces. Here are some examples that can help you. Use your imagination and feel free to improvise.

Pallet Coffee Table

Create a super simple coffee table out of two pallets stacked one on top of the other. Finish it off with some casters and you are done. This is a perfect usable coffee table with a rustic look. It also has a very practical shelf for things like magazines, books and anything else that you want to store in it. You can paint this in bright colors or with a dark one like the elegant Lexington 1-Drawer Rectangular Cocktail Table by Allan Copley Designs.

Pallet Coffee Table with a Glass Top

You can also create a more modern coffee table with the use of pallets. It is also very simple, made of wooden pallets with four wheels that you can find in any hardware store. To make the table more appealing and contemporary, add a glass top to make it look like the gorgeous Bedford Mini Coffee Table by Mod Loft.

Shipping Pallet Daybeds

You can make an extra bed with shipping pallets. They are easy and comfortable, although they are not meant for adults so it would be best to let the children enjoy it just to be sure. To make this, simply stack some pallets on top on one another and secure them. Then just add a mattress, throw in some pillows, and it is good to go.

Cozy Pallet Sofa

It might be a little hard to believe but you can make a cute sofa similar to the Oldschool Chesterfield Sofa by Innovation Living with a plastic or wood  pallet. Cut a pallet in half and add some stainless steel legs and plates to give it extra stability and keep the two pieces securely together. For the finishing touch, add some cushions and your sofa is ready for use. It is easy to make and is very comfortable.

Pallet Soda with Built-In Storage Space

Here is a more elaborate project that requires 6 wooden pallets. They are painted and covered with upholstered foam pillows. And because the base is made of 2 levels of pallet, this makes for a great place to store all sorts of things from magazines to books and other items.

Pallet Reading Nook

Do you sometimes wish you have a quiet place where you can clear your mind or read a book? You can build one all by yourself. All that you need are two pallets and some power tools. Start off by cutting the pallets into any shape that you want. After this, reinforce them and add back structure. Throw in some comfy pillows and you are done.

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