Leather Living Room Sets: Decorating with a Black Leather Couch

Leather Living Room Sets: Decorating with a Black Leather Couch

A black leather couch is a bold and stylish décor choice. However, its immediately eye-catching nature can also be an interior design challenge. But there is no one way to decorate a black leather couch, as this versatile piece of furniture can go from formal to casual, modern to retro. Rather than looking for that one correct way to decorate these  leather living room sets that contain a black leather couch as the focal point, look for various methods to help you establish just the vibe that you are looking for.


As a rule of thumb, pick 2 or 3 base colors to accent your couch and unify your space. Bold and bright colors like orange or red should really pop against a leather couch. Also, take a subdued and modern route and go monochrome by choosing various shades of gray. If you want to soften the bold look of a black sofa, choose light and pale accent colors like seafoam green or blue-gray. For more boldness, add a striking contrast to the room with a white accent like the sleek Yield 31″ Wide Design Lounge Chair by Ave-Six.


Complement your black leather couch with throw pillows, preferably in two colors that match your chosen scheme. For added unity, use matching pillows on your other furniture pieces, like divans and chairs. Individual, soft-hued pillows should reflect the color of your walls, but throw rugs should contain all the colors of the color scheme of your room.

Surrounding Furniture

If you are concerned with a black leather sofa giving your room a hard-edged feel, soften it up by accenting it with wood-finished coffee and end tables. Pick one that complements your couch. If it is modern with clean lines, go with one with equally simple lines. For rounded furniture, go with a curvy one like the Montreal Elegant Styling Walnut Finish Coffee Table by Adesso. Balance the couch with a complementary piece of furniture across the space, like a leather chair or ottoman.


Light wood floors balance out black leather by giving the space an airy and open feeling. Metals make for an excellent complement to black leather. Give your room a matte-finished metal piece like the Matte Silver Plasma Stand by Powell instead of a shiny metal to create a warm tone. Break up the solid sofa and give your space added spice with patterns and textures of your choice.

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