Living Room Furniture: Entertainment Center Picks for Small Spaces

Living Room Furniture: Entertainment Center Picks for Small Spaces

Entertainment centers are mostly large and designed for huge rooms. Intended to store and display the television and other audio-visual components, they also come with room for movies and other items. In smaller rooms, such piece of living room furniture look obtrusive, taking over the room and overwhelming the space. Here are some ideas for smaller rooms to display all your things without the entertainment center taking all the focus.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are a great alternative to the traditional entertainment centers. It will neatly tuck into one corner of the room, and take up only a small amount of space. Take for example the 61″ Contemporary TV Media Corner Console with Curved Electric Fire Place by Furnitech. It sits diagonally, with the edges sitting flush against two walls. A big top shelf displays the television while bottom shelf can hold various components. ┬áThere are some designs that come with notches cut into the shelves to hold the wires and cords in place.

Console Ideas

Consoles are mostly found in living rooms, dining rooms, and rooms where you need additional storage. This idea will also work well as an entertainment center for a small room. Consoles are usually long and short, putting the television low to the ground. It comes with shelves and storage space with doors on the front. Opt for designs with sliding doors and door that swing open like the Eldridge Entertainment Center by Mod Loft. Console cabinets offer you more storage without having to take up so much space.

Glass and Metal

For smaller rooms, choose an entertainment center that is made of metal and glass, as opposed to the conventional plywood or hardwood options. Heavy wood pieces tend to drag down a smaller room, making it look and feel even smaller. Alternative construction and lighter colors, like metal and glass, open the room up and make it appear bigger. Glass shelves sit on a metal frame, giving room to display and store your audio-visual devices. Depending on the amount of space available, you might want to add one or two matching towers to house stereo components and decorative items. The glass will pick up natural light and give the room a fresh look.

Wall-Mounted Units

If you only have a limited amount of space, you can opt for a wall-mounted unit. Unlike most entertainment centers that sit on the ground and take up valuable floor space, such units directly mounts on the wall with the included hardware. Check out the Emma Entertainment Center by Casabianca which should be perfect for your plasma televisions and flat-screen televisions.

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