Living Space Ideas with Red Leather Living Room Furniture

Living Space Ideas with Red Leather Living Room Furniture

The color red has an intensifying effect that enhances our physical reactions. This is according to Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester. And it indeed is. Used sparingly, this color adds a pop to an otherwise neutral palette room. Traces or red throughout your space, through other fabrics complementing your red leather living room furniture, give your room more warmth and energy. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Primary Colors

Play up the primary colors yellow, blue and red. A wall color in a light shade of yellow gives your space a sunny feel, and you can enhance it with accessories in blue like a grouping of vases. Toss in yellow or blue pillows on your red sofa and add a complementing rug with geometric designs or stripes within the primary palette. By keeping your items minimal, these simple colors are allowed to stand out without overwhelming the senses.

Black and White

With your red leather furniture as the focal point in your living space, fill the rest of the room with items in black and white like black shelves or chairs with white upholstery (the Wall Street Arm Chair in White Faux Leather Fabric by Ave-Six is a great choice!). Incorporate simple lines and interesting curves in your choice of accessories. Abstract sculptures, vases and lamps in black or white add to the understated elegance of the room.


Red leather furniture surrounded by rich fabrics and dark woods transform any space into an Old World getaway. Decorate with upholstered armchairs in fabrics featuring luxurious patterns like the Papyrus Armchair by Uttermost.  Black standing lamps and glass-ball shelf lamps with muted lighting gives the room an inviting and comfortable feel. Add a Persian rug and black or dark wood bookshelf to complete the ambience.

Neutral and Modern

Sandstone gray walls and off-white moldings and accents in black give a great backdrop for red leather furniture to make a statement. Keep your other furnishings like bookshelves, chairs and coffee tables black so the focus rests on your red furniture set. The Andy Round Cocktail Table by Allan Copley Designs should be perfect. Incorporate accents of black and white framed pictures to give your living room a modern but lived-in feel.

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