The Best Small Living Room Sofas for Apartment Living

The Best Small Living Room Sofas for Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment, here is one rule that you can live by: the bigger the couch, the more cramped the room gets. A big sofa in a small room is bound to leave out little space for living. If your sofa pushes the coffee table into the media console, or it crowds out the end table, then it is clearly too big.

To get a better sense of space in your home, prepare yourself to forgo the luxury of sprawling in front of the TV. Rather, prop your feet up your coffee table. Be aware of those “apartment couches” that stores call — they are usually too deep and too wide for your charming apartment space.

If you are in the market looking for small living room sofas, there are some rules to live by:


Measure the area that will be your living space. If your room comes with multiple spaces in it, like a living and bedroom or living and dining room, ensure that there is about two to three feet between each space.

Once you have established how much room you can spare for your couch, give at least a foot (preferably 18 inches) on either side for standing lamps and end tables.

If your space is small, chances are that the couch will propped against a wall. Keep this in mind when buying, and consider if the new couch will block windows.


Do not buy a sofa without measuring and even seeing the space. Also, do not measure right up to the table of the dining area or the bed in the sleeping area.

It would be unwise to buy a fat couch, which means that you do not buy anything overstuffed that looks like a La-Z-Boy. Also, do not get a futon. Leave those in places where they belong (like college). Instead, invest in an air mattress.

Below are some great picks on the best couches on the market today that are small enough for apartment living:

Windsor Loveseat – Espresso by Meadow Décor. This is perfect if you are looking to decorate with a homey, traditional style.

Main Street Loveseat – Indigo by Ave-Six. Its indigo color is gorgeous, and would make for a great pop of color in your space without being too overwhelming.

Memphis Art Deco Retro Sofa Loveseat by Adesso. This is a more modern piece that would be ideal for modern minimalist apartment owners.

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