Traditional Living Room Design: 5 Secrets to a Fab Living Room

Traditional Living Room Design: 5 Secrets to a Fab Living Room

A  living room is the place where most of us can relax. Therefore, one needs to ensure sure that it feels ultra-comfortable while still having the right look. Here are some traditional living room design  tips to help you achieve such look and feel.

Secret #1: Position Your Sofa

Your couch is most often the biggest piece of furniture in the living room, so putting it on the right spot can make all the difference. A good rule of thumb is to situate your couch in a way that it is facing the door, whether it is along a wall, floating or angled in a corner to bring attention to it.  If this is not possible and you need to position it with it back to the entrance, add a console table like the La Jolla Round Console Table by Allan Copley Designs behind the sofa. Put lamps or art books on it to make it look more inviting.

Secret #2: Create a Focal Point

Every living space needs an anchor, a spot  for your eye to res.  . This can be a nice view, a cool light fixture, a beautiful piece of artwork, or a dramatic fireplace. This will help ground the room and define its function. If you do not have a natural focal point, create one by displaying your favorite item in the room. Draw attention to the farthest wall with a decorative mirror or oversized artwork. It can also be a sculpture  or a statement sofa like the Lasso Sofa Blue Denim by Zuo Modern adorned with bright pillows.

Secret #3: Get an Eye -Catching Rug

A great home space starts with one. Determine how you intend to use it in the room.  If you want an open area for conversations and gatherings, go with a large sisal style rug that can handle foot traffic. For a separate space for dining, put the  rug just right on that area to create a boundary. And if you want people to feel comfortable, opt for a plush shag or wool rug and toss in floor pillows to encourage a casual vibe.

Secret #4: Get in Balance

Balance out your room from top to bottom so that your guests’ eyes will not just choose your sofa to sit on. Consider adding tall plants, wall art, divider  screens,  lamp  lighting, mirrors, or high back chairs like the Corona Arm Chair by Uttermost. If there is a big grouping of furniture at one side of your living room, create a new seating at the other end to stabilize the space.

Secret #5: Soften Your Space

The last step is to add accessories. This will make your living room more inviting, and give it htat finished look.   Add in a few cozy accessories like a sheepskin throw, a soft blanket or oversized pillows. Luxe up your lighting as well with a combo of wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps that will make your space glow.

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