Traditional Living Room Ideas: Create a Black and White Room

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Create a Black and White Room

Striking and elegant, a black and white decorating palette is impactful and versatile. Such a foundation can serve as a backdrop for a colorful piece of art, an expansive window view, or brightly patterned textiles. Soften black and white themes with texture and shading to convey a rustic or natural aesthetic. You can also accent it with colorful furniture, accessories and trim for an eclectic look. Or, spice up a portion of the room with black and white rugs, wallpaper or tile patterns. Here are traditional living room ideas to help you out.

Minimalist Black and White

The easiest way to design your living room in black and white is to keep the walls and incorporate a few pieces of black key furniture like the Domino Lounge Chair by Eurostyle. Keeping things minimal will help draw attention to a piece of art or picture frame. You can also pick an accent color for select trim and accessories for an overall sense of harmony and balance. To create a dramatic effect and highlight a piece of furniture, tile or paint your walls and floor in black and while keeping all the other elements light.

Nuanced Black and White

If minimalism is too stark for you, you can still use black and white to achieve a warmer and more natural look. Use various shades of white side by side, including cream and ivory, to bring shape and texture to your walls and furniture. accent this natural white base with linens, black accessories, or a black sofa like the Black Bonded Leather Sofa With 2 Accent Pillows by Monarch Specialties. This approach works well in country houses and other rustic settings. You can enhance this with vintage or Asian accent pieces.

Eclectic Black and White

Black and white is a great starting point for eclectic décor that mixes in various elements, periods, styles and colors. An easy approach is to keep basic black and white walls and furniture like the Distinct 3 Piece Italian Leather Sectional by EHO Studios. From here, mix in brightly colored accents like contemporary art, vintage furniture, and jungle or floral print textiles. A parquet or checkerboard floor is a classic black and white design element used throughout the ages, and is a great canvas to mix in period pieces.

Graphics, Patterns and Accents

Graphic prints, stripes and animal prints add visual energy in your living room without crowding it with numerous accessories. Upholstery accents or a zebra-patterned throw pillow accents an eclectic space, while a black and white graphic printed rug incorporate black and white in traditional décor.

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