Transform Your Space with Luxury Living Room Design

Transform Your Space with Luxury Living Room Design

Having a luxury living room design is best for families who desire to bring more beauty inside their home. As its name suggests, this design requires that you prepare a significantly larger amount of amount of money to create the concept of this kind of décor. Take advantage of your hefty budget to pick out the furnishings and decorations that your space will need.

Luxury Furniture

Choose furniture pieces that are large and sturdy. Aside from its luxurious impression, big furniture is also able to create a classic, stylish and formal impression. The best pieces are the shiny ones with a dark color like the 3 Piece Distinct Style Italian Leather Sectional with Oak Legs by EHO Studios. Add some cabinets for extra storage space. The Tuxedo Curio Cabinet by Nexera comes with open and closed sections for displaying and concealing items. Also consider long curtains hung down to the floor to decorate the window display.

Luxury Color

Your wall paint color greatly affects the atmosphere of your living room, or any room for that matter. Examples of luxurious color most used for walls are white, ivory, beige and brown. If you are going for a luxurious-classic space, white would be your best choice. For something that is a little more contemporary, go with cool colors like green or blue.

Luxury Floor

Your floor is part of the living room that needs a lot of development budget. Interior designers recommend that you choose the type of granite, carpet, marble and wood flooring. For coloring, go with a hue that best suits the room as a whole.

Luxury Lighting

The  more lights there are, the stronger will be the impression of luxury that you are posing. For a classic look, use lighting candles or chandeliers. Antique wall lamps are also great choices. A sleek lamp placed on an architectural table piece like the Zig-Zag Contemporary Style End Table Night Stand by Adesso is the ultimate luxury when it comes to illumination.

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