Unique Living Room Furniture Sets: Choosing Accent Chairs

Unique Living Room Furniture Sets: Choosing Accent Chairs

Accent chairs do a great job of defining a living room in so many ways. For one, they help distinguish the purpose of the space, while allowing you to express your personal style. When buying accent chairs, make sure that you have already determined how you will use the chairs. They should also complement unique living room furniture sets. Browse through online retail websites and design catalogues to give yourself an idea of the various styles and designs available today.

Before you go about shopping for accent chairs, determine first how you want to use the chairs to define your space. These chairs are mostly employed in living rooms in order to accommodate more seating, create a private reading nook, or establish a conversation space. Once you know the use of chairs in your space, you now should have an idea on the piece that will best suit your needs.

There are a number of chair types that can fit in living room spaces. For additional seating, opt for a chair-and-a-half that can fit two smaller individuals. A mobile ottoman that can double as bench seating for more than one person like the Roundabout Oval Furniture Ottoman by Ave-Six is also a great pick. And because conversation spaces in living rooms have to be comfortable, consider a Victorian-style fainting couch or chaise attachments for sectional sofas. For a more contemporary look, consider a stand-alone lounge chair with clean lines like the Domino Lounge Chair by EuroStyle and add in cushions like rectangles, squares or rounded edges. Pairing recliners, rocking chairs, club chairs, arm chairs or wing chairs can pull double-duty as a reading nook and conversational space. However, these bigger chairs tend to take up more space. So if you have a small space, consider cube storage ottomans or armless armchairs like the Zen Collection Armless All Leather Tufted Seat Chair by Diamond Sofa.

Decide if you want your chair to be a replaceable design element that you update with the changing trends and taste, or if you are looking for a timeless piece that will always be in fashion. When choosing accent chairs for your living room, make sure that you plan accordingly so you are able to make savvy choices within your budget.

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