Small Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas for Long, Narrow Spaces

Small Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas for Long, Narrow Spaces

It is hard enough to come up with small living room furniture layout ideas, but add long and narrow, and then you definitely are up for a bigger challenge. We have seen many homes with this kind of living room; and homeowners tend to just push their furniture up against the walls, resulting in a space that is not very cozy.

But if your furniture pieces are arranged the right fashion, these “bowling alley” type  living spaces can actually present so many opportunities for comfort and conversation. You will need to…

Divide and Conquer

The best way to deal with long spaces is to divide them into separate areas. But, first, you need to consider how you will actually use the room. You can either come up with two separate small seating areas with back to back sofas, or just have one and have a big game table behind it. You can also create a workspace behind your sofa; but rather than using a regular sofa table, go with a smaller console table like the Halifax Rectangular Console Table by Allan Copley Designs.

Float Your Furniture

Sometimes, floating your furniture out in the middle of the room can break up a long space. You just have to pick a set that is appropriately sized for your space, like the Modern 2 Piece Italian Leather Sectional by EHO Studios. Some people say doing so cuts off the room, but it actually creates a cozier seating area. Also, you probably do not need so much space between your furniture for walk-through as you might think.

Move an Outlet or Two

We have come upon so many homeowners who feel trapped when arranging their furniture because of their TV. Moving a cable or electrical outlet might not be the easy, but doing so will help you live better in your space which should be worth the investment in the long run. If you can, position it near corners, so you can utilize such empty space. Use a corner entertainment center like the Hunter Cherry Corner Media Unit by Jofran to house your TV and other entertainment needs.

Use Artwork and Rugs

The things on your walls and floor can also help break up a long room. Hang art above your sofa to define a seating area, or add a big mirror above your console to define another space. You do not have to center everything on the long wall.

We hope this gets your wheels started if you are struggling on how to make your small, long and narrow living room work. Good luck!

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